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Exhibition Regulations

The Regulations cover all aspects of exhibiting at the NAGOYA ECO CLEAN CAR FAIR 2008: The Exhibition of Environmentally-Friendly Automotive Industry Technologies. Please read them carefully to ensure full compliance.
Exhibition categories
  1. Passenger and commercial motor vehicles: Fuel-efficient gasoline vehicle, hybrid vehicle, clean-diesel vehicle, fuel-cell vehicle, electric vehicle, natural gas vehicle, etc.
  2. Engines and combustion systems: Various internal combustion systems, emissions purification technology, catalyst technology, diesel particulate filter (DPF), low friction technology, thermal control technology, etc.
  3. Powertrain and drivetrain systems: Transmission, torque converter, CVT, hybrid system, suspension, low rolling resistance tires, etc.
  4. Energy and fuel systems: Hydrogen generation and storage technologies, hydrogen station, fuel cell, biomass and fermentation technologies, bioethanol, low-sulfur diesel fuel, natural gas, etc.
  5. Electric systems: Electric motor, battery, regenerative systems, electric control technology, solar battery, integrated operating system, etc.
  6. Materials and processing technologies: Low weight and efficiently recyclable new materials, processing technology, testing equipment and measuring instruments, CAD/CAM, etc.
  7. Intelligent Transport Systems, and Infrastructure
  8. Others (fuel-efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, and exhaust gas purification technologies, products, and services; new technologies of universities and research institutes, etc.)
Exhibition system
Item Exhibition space with booth
(single booth)
Exhibition space without booth
(single space)
Standard size W2,970D2,970H2,700 (mm) W3,000D3,000 (mm)
Exhibition fees 273,000 yen
(including consumption tax)
231,000 yen
(including consumption tax)
Standard booth package by the organizer Back and side panels (* modular panels), parapet, company name plate, and two fluorescent lamps (per booth)
(See the following drawing for details).

No standard package will be provided.

Layout In principle, multiple booths will be arranged in a single row or in double rows. In principle, multile spaces stand alone
(no contact with other booths).
Height limit of decoration 2,700 mm
* Please inform us if your decoration
exceeds the height limit.
6,000 mm
* If you do not require a booth (exhibition space only) for your exhibition, we ask that you apply for four spaces or more.
Drawing of standard booth package

* Installation of side panels: Side panels (with a height of 2,700 mm and a width of 1,980 mm) will be connected to the back panels. For areas facing passageways, a space with a depth of 990 mm and no side panels will be created to ensure horizontal visibility. Do not cover these side openings with any of your exhibits or decorations. Corner booths will not have panels on the sides facing passageways.
Exhibition fee discount (the same discount rate will be applied to both booths and spaces). Discount for booking a large number of booths or spaces
The following discount rates will apply to exhibitors using a large number of booths (spaces):
10 to 19 booths (spaces): 5%; 20 to 29 booths (spaces): 7%; 30 booths (spaces) or more: 10%.
Payment of exhibition fee After receiving your application form, we will send you an invoice which must be paid within about one month.
Pay the fee by the due date shown on the invoice. Payment will be accepted only by bank transfer. We cannot accept cash or checks.
Keep a copy of the bank transfer slip as a receipt for payment.
You are responsible for any bank transfer fees incurred in paying exhibition invoices including the exhibition fee.
Nagoya International Trade Fair Commission
Bank account no.: 1842147 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Imaike Branch (Branch number: 263)
Suspension of your application The Organizer will suspend acceptance of your application if your exhibits do not match the purpose of this exhibition. In such cases, your application will not be accepted unless your exhibit plans are appropriately altered.
Changing the number of booths/spaces or canceling your exhibit If you wish to change the number of booths or spaces you have reserved or cancel your reservation, send the Organizer a document indicating the reason. In case of a reduction of the number of booths or spaces you have requested or cancellation of your reservation, the following cancellation charges will apply.
Cancellation charges differ depending on when we receive notification, as follows:
Before the booth location is determined: 30% of the exhibition fee
After the booth location is determined: 100% of the exhibition fee
Cancellation charges apply if you later decide that you need fewer booths or spaces. Your payment will be adjusted accordingly. Booth locations will be determined in September, 2008, at the exhibitors' meeting.
Height limit specified in the exhibition space If you apply for exhibition spaces only, to maintain a balance with other exhibitors and to ensure good visibility at the exhibition site, the height of exhibits and related objects will be limited as follows:
Height of any exhibits or related objects located up to 1,000 mm away from the side of a passageway: Up to 2,700 mm
Height of any exhibits or related objects located 1,000 mm or more away from the side of a passageway: Up to 6,000 mm
If any of your exhibits or equipment exceeds the height limit, please make prior arrangements with the Organizer.
Determination of booth and space locations The booth and space locations will be determined based on an overall evaluation of the general layout of the entire exhibition site, date of receipt of application, exhibition contents, and other aspects. The locations of booths and spaces will be announced at the exhibitors' meeting on in September, 2008.
Exhibitors' meeting The exhibitors' meeting will be held in September, 2008. Details on setup, removal, and exhibition site management will be explained at the meeting, and an exhibition handbook and documents to be submitted will be handed out to the participants.
Dates for setup/removal Dates for setup, and removal are as follows:
Setup: Wednesday, November 5 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.;
Thursday, November 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Removal: Sunday, November 9 after the exhibition has closed
(All removal must be completed within the day.)
Details will be explained at the meeting as well as noted in the exhibition handbook.
Terms and conditions for selling exhibit items Exhibit items may be sold at exhibition booths or spaces on the condition that the items being sold comply with the applicable laws and regulations and that you have a system to provide after-sales and other support services. Please refrain from selling prototypes, as well as items that you cannot support because you have no distributors in this region. Prices must be clearly displayed and receipts issued.
Management and security of exhibits The Organizer will take steps to ensure a high level of management and security of the entire exhibition hall, such as deployment of guards. However, the Organizer shall not be held liable for any damage to exhibits caused by natural disaster, theft, disappearance, or other unavoidable occurrences. Exhibitors are advised to take out insurance on their exhibits and to take any other measures as necessary.
In the event of an accident caused by an exhibitor, the exhibitor will be responsible for resolving the problem.
Prohibited actions Assignment and subletting of exhibition booths or spaces
No exhibitors may assign or sublet all or part of their rights to use exhibition booths or spaces to a third party. Note that violating exhibits will be canceled.

Display and sales of products falling outside the categories specified by the Fair
The Organizer may cancel the display and bar sales of products falling outside the categories specified by the Fair. The same applies if an exhibitor violates any applicable laws or regulations.

The Organizer reserves the right to stop any act that it believes conflicts with the purpose of the Fair.
Change of dates or cancellation of the exhibition The Organizer may change the dates or cancel the exhibition entirely in the event that it is unable to hold the Fair because of a natural disaster or other unavoidable occurrences. Note that the Organizer is not responsible for any damage so incurred.

Exhibition Guidelines

Use of pluming equipment If you plan to use plumbing equipment, be sure to indicate as such by checking the appropriate box in the Exhibition Application Form. The location of your booth(s)/space(s) will be arranged in accordance with the locations of water inlets and outlets.
Exemption from prohibitions noted in the City of Nagoya Fire Prevention Ordinance Display of a vehicle (bringing a vehicle into an exhibition site), use of an open fire, bringing into an exhibition site any dangerous objects and other related acts are prohibited under the Fire Defense Law. If your exhibit includes any of these, be sure to indicate as such by checking the appropriate box in the Exhibition Application Form.
The Organizer will apply for a temporary lifting of the prohibitions. Contact the Organizer in advance.
Use of audio equipment

If you plan to use audio equipment for your presentation, place the speakers so that they face inside your booth(s) or space(s) and adjust the sound level so that it will not bother other exhibitors.
You may be required to reduce the sound volume or stop using your audio equipment if there are complaints from other exhibitors.

Floor work (anchor bolt fixing) If you plan to fix anchor bolts, you must give the Organizer prior notice and provide construction drawings. No floor work other than those with anchor bolt fixing will be allowed. Anchor bolt fixing will be allowed in the asphalt-paved areas only.
Prohibition on sales outside your booth(s)/space(s) Conduct all of your sales activities including product displays and promotions in your booth(s) or space(s). Distribution of samples, soliciting customers, conducting questionnaire surveys, and other related activities will not be permitted in the passageways.

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