Overview of the Fair Application&Schedule Exhibition Regulations Venue Information Publicity


Schemes for Public Relations and Attracting Visitors

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines
We plan to place advertisements on general newspapers, technical newspapers, and related magazines on a massive scale as well as providing information to various news media.

Free invitation cards for exhibitors' guests
We will provide exhibitors with invitation cards to inform their guests of the exhibition.

Exhibition advertising leaflets and posters
We will request exhibitors, organizing commission members (Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, JETRO Nagoya, and Nagoya Urban Industries Promotion Corporation), related ministries and agencies, municipalities, universities, vocational schools, industrial high schools, related businesses, and various other organizations to display posters and deliver leaflets.

Transit advertising
We plan to advertise on JR, private, and Nagoya subway trains and to display posters at major stations.

Advertising on the Internet
We will set up an official website to provide the latest information and exchange links with exhibitors and various organizations to advertise the exhibition.

Parallel Events and Programs

* All events and programs are subject to change.

Keynote speeches and symposiums
We will hold keynote speeches on the theme of environmental protection implemented by automobile manufacturers, and symposiums by environmental officers of auto makers and relevant ministries and agencies.

Technology lectures and seminars
We will also have a variety of lectures and sessions on the theme of environmental technology, focusing on powertrain systems, such as clean diesel engines, hybrid systems, and fuel cells.

Exhibitors' presentations and technical workshops
We will provide a presentation space, adjacent to the exhibition site, for exhibitors to deliver their product presentations and hold technical seminars for visitors.

Test-drive events
We will provide opportunities to test-drive advanced, environmentally-friendly vehicles, such as a fuel efficient vehicle, hybrid vehicle, fuel-cell vehicle, and clean diesel vehicle.

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